Walking The Walk

U³ SystemsWork catalyzes solutions driven to create value in the systems it supports

At U³ SystemsWork, we constantly think of solutions to health systems challenges, solutions aimed at outlasting a project, and reshaping the value chains that ensure access to essential pharmaceutical products to the populations we serve. We aim to catalyze business services that uphold and maintain the quality and performance of health systems.

U³ is establishing business and service delivery models around the following areas :

Private Pharmaceutical Wholesale & Distribution

Professionalizing the private pharmaceutical sector from the inside the playing field.


U³ SystemsWork is playing its part to strengthen the role of the private sector in increasing access to quality and reliable pharmaceuticals.  U3 has built a sustainable presence in the pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution market in Ethiopia, and is poised to bring advanced services and efficiency to private and public retail outlets and the clients they serve. Currently, U³ :


  • Has service agreements with the major importers of brand and generic medicines, lab reagents, and consumables .
  • Offers 900+ items in its product list.
  • Counts 150 routine clients, including retail pharmacies, drug stores, private and public hospitals and clinics.
  • Covers all corners of Addis Ababa and outskirts.

Group Purchasing Organization

Driving quality, affordable medicines access in the private health delivery sector.

While the percent of health care services being delivered through private providers is rising in Africa, there has surprisingly been inadequate attention given to strategies to increase this sector's access to good quality low cost medical products and supplies.  Meanwhile, the clientele of this sector includes not only middle to high income households but equally increasing numbers of poorer income household and insurance or health safety-net programs covering the health needs of growing proportions of national populations.

U³ SystemsWork is committed to adapting the group purchasing organizations (GPOs) model aimed at leveraging the bulk buying power of its members including private hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, and extending its benefits to individual institutions and ultimately individual households and the healthcare system as a whole


Capacity Development Series

Professionalizing supply chain human capital.

At U³ SystemsWork, we understand that competent and motivated people ultimately drive the performance of supply chains – from leaders and managers able to inspire and run systems, to supply chain and logistics staff routinely running and monitoring operations.  U³ is committed to professionalizing this essential workforce, starting with talented young graduates preparing to enter the sector, to more experienced professionals seeking to continuously upgrade their competencies.  The Capacity Development Series includes a toolbox of approaches, from internship-based programs, to executive development series.